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We are proudly part of the

P\S\L Group, a global organization dedicated to putting information at the service of medicine. We have been publishing and communicating with physicians digitally for more than 20 years.

Our Roots

Contact us today to learn more about DG Connect.

We are DG Connect, and we help

brands amortize the time and financial investments

spent on key digital marketing tactics by increasing

participation levels from appropriate professionals.

We leverage a proprietary network of 3.5M+ physicians and healthcare professionals from around the world (1M+ in the US), who use our numerous web, email, and mobile platforms.


Using next-generation programmatic and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, we can reach your key stakeholders anytime, anywhere, with any kind of message, and at a moment when they are ready to engage and learn.

Our Advantage

We offer multiple customer-centric engagement solutions designed for all of your message dissemination needs. Our portfolio currently includes direct-to-professional recruitment campaigns, standalone programming, alert delivery services, and more.

Our Solutions

How We Can Help You

Our official company mission is “to help brands amortize the time and financial investments spent on key digital

marketing tactics by increasing participation levels from appropriate professionals”.


Simply stated, we are here to help get your marketing messages to your key customers.


With every project we undertake, we focus on five things we know are of the utmost importance to our clients.


Many companies promise to drive traffic to your digital tactics, but we believe traffic

is meaningless unless it is your target audience and the professionals most important to you.

Therefore, we allow you to customize the target audience for every program on an individual level.






Contact us today to learn more about DG Connect.


Marketers have many options to send communications through one-off push

platforms. But DG Connect is different. We have 3.5M+ actively engaged

healthcare professionals who are coming to us daily for medical news,

information, and activities. We use this network to align their interests with your

programs…something no one else can do.


We reach professionals on their own terms, through digital properties they

know, trust and rely upon each day. We engage them in a meaningful way.


Savvy marketers want information - lots of information - about what is

happening with their brand's messaging. Therefore, it is DG Connect's policy to

provide transparent and robust metrics. We share who, how, when and

where your targets have engaged with your tactics.


We know that we can only be successful if you are

DG Connect guarantees to make every project one which you will be

proud to have championed.

Contact Us

Get a Live Demo

Thank you for your interest in DG Connect. If you are ready to

get your marketing messages to your key customers, please contact us today.

Mailing Address:

DG Connect

1140 Avenue of the Americas - 14th Floor, Suite H

New York, NY 10036

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Our ability to get targeted professionals in front of your most important content hinges upon the strength of our physician network.



Over 400 partner sites, digital properties and channels

Content delineated by 32 medical specialties and profession types

Digital platforms including websites, e-newsletters, and mobile apps

Content types including, but not limited to:

news delivery, app finders, survey hubs, online communities, journal reviews, quiz portals, conference coverage, etc.



Over 3.5M physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide

Over 1M physicians and healthcare professionals in the US

All professionals validated and opted-in to regularly receive information from us


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